Al Baron

Al is Product Line Manager at Polk Audio responsible for several categories within the company’s expanding portfolio. He assembled his first “stereo” as a teenager and can still recall the emotional experience created by his Goodman speakers, Fisher receiver and Lisa turntable.  After years of costly education he accepted a job as a salesman at Lafayette Radio in San Francisco and has never looked back.  He sold audio in the Midwest, and was sales manager and trainer during the heyday of “stereo” at HiFi Buys- Indiana when they grew from one store to 13 in 4 states. After a brief hiatus in warmer climes in the car stereo business he accepted a position at Polk Audio as their first international sales manager. He found his niche at Polk as product line manager, and moved the company aggressively into the custom installation arena along with the more traditional ranges of outdoor audio and home theater.  Al looks forward to the huge opportunities that digital audio can offer- after all, you need a transducer to hear the music, regardless of how sophisticated the delivery system is.    

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